What is NVC?

After candidates presents a movement request, your application is sent to the National Visa Center (NVC). Nonetheless, it’s vital to take note of that your application is sent to the NVC simply after the USCIS affirms the appeal. After the NVC gets the request of from the USCIS, the office appoints a case number. Candidates ought to be reached by the NVC affirming that their petitions have been gotten by the office.

Candidates ought to know that NVC case number is not quite the same as USCIS case number or outsider visa number. Candidates should report and store these numbers in a protected place as they should allude to these numbers all through the migration procedure. Once the NVC finishes preparing applications, candidates will be met.

The following is the rundown of petitions handled through the NVC:

Frame I-130: Petition for Alien Relative

Frame I-140: Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker

Structures I-600, I-600A, I-800, and I-800A: Petition for embracing a vagrant by a U.S. Subject

Frame I-360: Special migrant classes including EB-4

Frame I-526: EB-5 visa

Frame I-129F: Petition for life partner and additionally offspring of the life partner

What is CEAC?

CEAC remains for the Consular Electronic Application Center. CEAC is a piece of the Department of State and worked by the Bureau of Consular Affairs. Utilizing the CEAC site, remote nationals applying for visa can submit and check their status from anyplace on the planet. Prior to the Department of State actualized the CEAC, candidates needed to present their petitions by means of mail. Be that as it may, candidates would now be able to begin the movement procedure utilizing the CEAC site. The site gives a simple, streamlined, and secure path for candidates to acquire a visa. Candidates utilize the site to present an application and check the application status.

How Do I Check My NVC Case Status?

Before checking the NVC case status, candidates should know steps the National Visa Center takes to process your application. Amid the procedure, you might be required to speak with the office. NVC should

Receipt candidates for handling charges. Check if your money related circumstance and application meets all requirements for expense waiver (I-912)

Get visa application and supporting records

Line and process candidate’s visa request.

Advise the candidate with the meeting date if handled effectively. In the event that unsuccessful, NVC should send you a dismissal take note.

You can check your NVC Case Status by going by the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC), which is a piece of the Department of State. You can check the status through CEAC entryway or telephone.

Telephone – Contact the National Visa Center at 603-334-0700

CEAC Portal site

Utilizing the site will require a NVC case number for outsider visas and a meeting area for non-worker visas.

How Do I Contact NVC?

Candidates can contact the National Visa Center through a few techniques. It would be ideal if you note non-worker visa questions can’t be asked through fax or email. For those, allude to other specialized strategies.

Email (Immigrant Visa Only)

Visit the NVC site.

Telephone (Immigrant Visa)

Dial 603-334-0700. Telephone line is accessible from 7 AM – 12 AM (EST) from Monday through Friday. Client benefit is shut on U.S. occasions.

Telephone (Non-worker Visa)

Dial 603-334-0888. Telephone line is accessible from 7 AM – 12 AM (EST) from Monday through Friday. Client benefit is shut on U.S. occasions.

Mail (Immigrant Visa Only)

Send request to the accompanying street number.

National Visa Center Attn: WC

31 Rochester Avenue

Suite 200

Portsmouth, NH 03801-2915

Be that as it may, before applications are sent to the NVC, they should be prepared at the provincial USCIS workplaces. A typical error is candidates reaching the NVC before the USCIS finishes its audit and allocating a case number. To check applications that are as yet pending at the USCIS office, candidates must call the proper office.

Email (Immigrant Visa Only)

Candidates must inspect the initial three letters to decide the territorial office. For instance, CSC 16 054 23239 demonstrates application was acknowledged at the California benefit focus.

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